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#603 small first lettres in article names


Since I'm using Wikipedia I wonder why the first letter of an
article name automatically will be converted. a becomes A, z
becomes Z. I know a lot of cases, in which this behaviour is
wrong. I guess this is a software bug?


  • Viliam Bur

    Viliam Bur - 2004-11-26

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    That's not bug, that's intentional. The reason is something
    like this: It should be easy to make a link, like in:
    "Hello, [[World]]!".

    But when a word appears at the beginning of the sentence, it
    is capitalized. Look at this: "[[To]] be or not [[to]] be."
    The first link would lead to article called "To", the second
    link to article called "to". This would be 2 different
    articles, but it's the same word. So the solution is, that
    all article captions will be capitalized. Both words lead to
    the same article "To".

    Of course there are disadvantages. For example I want to
    have in my wiki descriptions of words which are
    case-sensitive. E.g. there is command "ls" in Linux, but the
    wiki page is called "Ls". Terrible! But that's the price we
    pay for being able to make easy links in normal text.

  • Rowan Collins

    Rowan Collins - 2004-11-26

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    See also
    (and note that sourceforge should no longer be used for bug
    and feature request discussion).

    Also, I believe (most? all?) of the Wikitionary projects
    have this behaviour turned off (it's a software option), as
    capitalisation matters in a far higher proportion of cases
    in a dictionary than in an encyclopedia (where having the
    title always show up in "Sentence case" generally looks
    tidier and more "professional")

  • Brion Vibber

    Brion Vibber - 2004-11-26
    • status: open --> closed

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