#599 Article and or Section Based Voting System


Could Probably be implemented as a Generic Voting
Object allowing receiving only one vote from unique IPs
or better Logged in Users.
Eventually it would be nice to use this for each Page to
classify possibly in more than one Category (Neutrality,
Accuracy, Completeness) each Article or Section within

Then it would be interesting to use this information to
make a lot of administration unnecessary - in fact to
replace it through this democratic process. Default
personal preferences could be set to not show articles
that are not at least qualified as above a certain
numerical value. Each user could select In his
preferences his personal threshold for what should not
be displayed.

This idea is inspired by the large amount of information
loss on de.wikipedia where valuable information is often
deleted (just to be entered again a few weeks later by
somebody else) because of the administrators using
delete to enforce their quality standards.


  • Anonymous - 2004-08-05

    Logged In: YES

    As far as I can see it the loss of information is minimal.
    All articles that are being deleted undergo a 14 days
    evaluation where interested people can contribute to it.
    Only really bad articles are deleted at once (and these
    articles are really not articles at all but consist of e.g.
    one URL or some words and mostly just words not sentences).
    IMHO Wikipedia is not a personal encyclopedia but a general.
    So the deletion of nonsense and really bad quality articles
    which consist of only an URL or some words is essential.
    An evaluation system is for sure useful but as I see it it
    is already being implemented (look at
    http://test.wikipedia.org/\). I think this feature request
    can be marked as "done".
    Regarding the "democratic process" mentioned by Tobias: WP
    can't be democratic because there are an unknown number of
    users so there won't be a "real" majority/minority.

  • Tobias Gogolin

    Tobias Gogolin - 2004-09-08

    Logged In: YES

    Disregard the Information loss in favor of the upset and loss
    of contributors overpowered by the 'Guardians' with their
    righteous crusade. Continue to see the advantages of 1. the
    voting system 2. the ability to use voting results to
    emphasize or suppress.


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