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#237 Bookmarking for diffs


Synopsis: allow (diff from bookmark) option in "My
watchlist" (with more concise text)

Problem statement:
What I really want to see when I look at "My watchlist"
is a diff from the last time that I read the article.
Currently, when something shows up on "My watchlist",
there are two links to the history: (diff) and (hist).
The problem with (diff) is that it strictly diffs the
very last revision. The problem with (hist) is that
two clicks and some mental calculation are required to
get the diff I really want (not to mention the fact
that wp is serving up the complete rev history in what
may be an unnecessary operation)

In addition to storing the fact that I have a
particular article in my watchlist (e.g. "Current
events"), also store a bookmark of the current revision
(referred to as the "bookmark" from here forward) when
the watchlist entry is first stored.

On the "My watchlist" page, the "diff from bookmark"
feature would be accessed by clicking on the "bdiff"
(bdiff) (diff) (hist) . . M Wikipedia:Village pump;
08:55 . . Menchi (Talk) (divider)
(bdiff) (diff) (hist) . . M Current events; 08:54 . .
Smack (Talk)
(bdiff) (diff) (hist) . . M U.S. presidential election;
07:55 . . Infrogmation (Talk)

The bookmark can be revised in the following ways:
* Upon making an edit, there should be a third
checkbox (next to "minor edit" and "watch this
article") called "update bookmark", which only appears
when an item is already on the watchlist. This should
be checked by default.
* There should be a link to "Update bookmark"
underneath "Stop watching", which only appears when a
page is already on the watchlist.

Alternative implementation:
Rather than "(bdiff)", a more complicated, but
potentially better interface would be as follows. A
new preference would exist for "[x] Use bookmarks, and
diff from bookmark instead of last revision". Most
users would not notice the new feature until enabled.
The existing layout of the "My watchlist" page could be
maintained, but would behave differently based on the
pref setting.


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