New version of Parse::MediaWikiDump

Edgar Meij
  • Edgar Meij

    Edgar Meij - 2009-12-14

    The latest version(s) of Parse::MediaWikiDump breaks some of the extraction scripts ( and The call

    my $pages = Parse::MediaWikiDump::Pages->new($dump_file);                 
    my $page;                                  
    while(defined($page = $pages->page)) {…}

    Should be replaced by
    my $pmwd = Parse::MediaWikiDump->new;          
    my $pages = $pmwd->pages($dump_file) ;                   
    my $page;      
    while(defined($page = $pages->next)) {…}



  • Rafael Odon Alencar

    Thats true. I'm running the scripts over the Portuguese Wikipedia and i had to replace every $page->page by $page->next in and

  • Scott Weinert

    Scott Weinert - 2011-06-10

    That was very helpful. I had to do the same thing. Thank you!


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