Dump extraction: csv files doubt

  • Jairo

    Jairo - 2012-02-17

    Hello all!,

    I'm extracting spanish dump csv files in Wikipedia Miner 1.2 with hadoop and, in my page.csv file, the pages with type 4 contains depth -1 (it's means not found). I don't know that means type 4.

    Could someone tell me what this means?

    Thank you very much!,


  • David Milne

    David Milne - 2012-02-26

    Hi Jairo,

    A depth of -1 just means that the page cant be navigated to from the root category you chose when creating your language config file. This is normal for templates and redirects. As long as articles (type 0) and categories (type 1) have a depth, then everything is working properly.

    - Dave


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