Setup used for Demo? / Wikify Performance?

Jerry LS
  • Jerry LS

    Jerry LS - 2012-07-23


    Probably a question(s) for David Milne, but if anyone has answer, please share.  

    Interested to know what is the setup that the demo uses to run Wikipedia Miner?   ( i.e., say on Hadoop, with N machines, each machine is a …  (note I'm a Hadoop newbie)).     I recently looked at "annotate/wikify" and it seems to now run much faster then say a year or so ago.   I'm guessing that's because it may be running in Hadoop over mulitple machines(?)    What performance could one expect - i.e. how long to wikify a standard length webpage article? - if running Hadoop over one or two machines. 

  • Jason

    Jason - 2012-08-08

    I believe the Hadoop was just for building the csv and training files, and what is running is a single server, Tomcat without Hadoop functionality.

  • Jairo

    Jairo - 2012-09-07

    Hi Jerry LS,

    I have same problem. My wikipedia miner instance is much slower than the public server instance of Waikato University.
    Have you found a solution to improve performance? And a good setup?

    Thanks in advance,



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