Mark Grimshaw a écrit ce qui suit, le 12/12/13 06:35 :

release 1.6 fixes it.
Maybe in a future release of the core Wikindx, some more
to ignore all bad plugins and continue, instead of a fatal error.
Being rather an amateur in computers, I was at first quite desperate
that my new Wikindx 4 (with resources from 3.8) was already completely
lost, before I,
(i) quite by accident, found the debug options at the end of config.php, and
(ii) understood the content of the debug message.
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This made me wonder right away — « Is he deep ? » He wore glasses so it
was possible. (Paul McCartney, « Introduction », parlant de John dans
John Lennon, /In his own write,
Jonathan Cape, Londres, 1964.)