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#8 Usuing the language localizations with WIKINDX


This is just a note to help avoid confusion I've noticed in some posts here and private emails to me when attempting to install the localization files.

The localization modules have been designed to be upwardly-compatible. For example, it is quite possible to use wikindx-localization-Klingon-2.3.4 with WIKINDX version >= (greater than or equal to) wikindx-2.3.4. As long as you have not manually deleted the languages/en/ folder (the default English messages), any missing Klingon messages, when using that localization with a higher WIKINDX version, will be quietly replaced by English messages. All WIKINDX functionality remains the same.

Furthermore, there is a plug-in localization module which makes it easy to create and edit translations. If you go down this route and work on a localization which either does not yet exist or which currently lags behind the latest WIKINDX version, please contact me to have your work made available for release once it is completed.

P.S. WIKINDX v3.5 was released today.

Mark Grimshaw.


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