#9 Formatting problems


1. After selecting lines and pressing Ctrl+W there is a wrong space added at the cursor position (at beginning of next line after the selected lines).
2. Wrong indentation of text, e.g. in the following example all normal text lines are in preview not indented as expected according to display in edit mode. This is especially disturbing because WikidPad has in general the advantage, that you see the content useful formatted in edit mode!
* _def_:
* 1

* 2.

* 3.

3. Comma after bold words (*word*,) is wrapped to next line if window width is reduced. It should be wrapped together with the preceding word only.
4. One big advantage of WikidPad text display is, that WikidPad already does some formatting in text display, so you can read it without having to switch to preview all the time. For this the user must wrap long lines in text mode (as you do in help wiki), but this leads to bad formatted preview and html output if width of preview or browser window does not match with the width of text window. I think WikidPad must provide something like "soft" and "hard" line breaks, and the soft line breaks must be removed from text (together with following indentation) before it's output as paragraph in html. I think that every line break, which is not followed by an empty line, or by "*", "#", heading or keyword should be handled as soft line break. For hard line breaks WikidPad may allow to use e.g. <br/>.

WikidPad v2.1 in WinXPpro SP3


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