#4 UNC path not accepted for Wiki-location


I'm working at a high school, and our personal files and documents are redirected from our server, which means that I've been running WikidPad v1.9 betas for a while with the wiki itself located at \\[SERVERNAME]\[SHARENAME]$\Staff\[USERNAME]\My Documents\Wiki, and WikidPad installed at C:\Program Files\WikidPad. This has worked flawlessly, but upgrading to v2.0 (beta 3 at first attempt) broke it.

I started by backing up my Wiki, shutting down WikidPad, running the v2.0 Beta 3 installer and choosing to start WikidPad directly after the installation finished. I was then warned that the database would need to be upgraded to work with v2.0 which I accepted. After that nothing seemed to happen, the WikidPad process was running in the background according to TaskManager (taking up about 50MB), but it never showed the interface.

Going back to an earlier version (v1.9) worked flawlessly, the Wiki opened without complaint, so no actual conversion of the database appeared to have happened.
I then tried creating a new blank wiki/database in v1.9 and then reupgrading, with the same result, no interface but a process in TaskManager that ran for more than 12 hours before I manually terminated it.

I also tried emptying the user_extensions folder in case there was a conflict with the GTD extension I was using at the time, but this made no difference either.

I tried again a couple of times with increasingly newer versions of v2.0; betas 4 and 5, with the same result - and I was resigning myself to running v1.9 for quite some time, when I decided to try using the backup wiki which I had on a local drive rather than on the server. And this time WikidPad v2.0 started up with no problems whatsoever.

I then tried opening the wiki from the server, and I was told that it would need to be converted and I accepted (again). This time WikidPad didn't disappear into a background process, but it seemed to hang, with no tree and no content in the tabs. The process hadn't died, because I could choose Wiki->Open and then pick a local Wiki which then opened without problem.

In short: The current betas of WikidPad seem to have problems opening Wikis from UNC paths, or Wikis on redirected folders.

I'm running Windows Vista SP2 x86 and our server's running Windows Server 2008 x64.


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