#1 Editor bugs under Win2000:


Editor bugs under Win2000:

* when a block of text is highlighted, you can't click
within it (the click is ignored). (On the wikidPad-dev
group, Mark T. Tomczak says with his non-windows
system, the click actually deletes the selected text!)
* for a bulleted block that has been re-wrapped with ctrl-
w, hitting enter at the end of the last line should create
another bullet, but doesn't. .
* In a section that is auto-wrapped. when you hit the
End key, the cursor goes to the last char acter of the
last wrapped line, instead of the end of the current line.

The following are not really bugs, just somewhat
glaringly missing features:

* The automatic line wrapping isn't bulleted-list-aware
like the crtl-w manual wrapping. It ignores the indent
level of the bullet, and wraps all the way to the left margin
* I haven't found a way to print the view section, which is
one of the most useful parts of the app.
* there's no crtl-f search, something my fingers are
trained to.

P.S. I love wikidPad! I hope someone is planning to
keep it going and growing...


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