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Wikepage 2007.2 Opus 13 Landauer-Büttiker is released!

Nearly 4 months passed over since the Opus 12 was released. After Opus 12, wikepage is changed a lot. Thanks will go to Mr. Tim Davis. As you remember he is the owner of http://www.binarymethod.com outlink. You can find many modules at that site written for wikepage. Ok.. In opus 13, he optimized the code, and add new features. There are other minor changes by me and others listed below:

* Major optimization of code all over the script, wikepage is nearly 2kb shrinked with this optimization. thanks Mr. Tim Davis
* < blog_archive > command is added for list view of blog entries, thanks Mr. Tim Davis
* Images for blog entry titles, thanks Mr. Tim Davis
* From now, RSS imports won't die under error, thanks Mr. Jose Carlos Medeiros
* Small corrections that make Wikepage more Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional are done, thanks Igor Rjabinin
* Google Edit pages problem is solved,
* In Admin page, new version warning and RSS import warning features are added.

Posted by Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN 2007-05-18

Wiki/Blog hybrid Wikepage Opus 11 2006.3 is released!

Wikepage is a very small wiki/blog/personal site builder. It uses flat files as a database, so no extra database is required. It has i18n support, multi-language site support, password protected pages, table support, CSS styling, file upload, RSS output, and a lot of other features. Wikepage is now more reliable and XHTML friendly and optimized. Even with new features, it's smaller than Opus 10. New features of 2006.3 (codename: Shubnikov - de Hass) are: * Upload problem is solved, * Blog time bug is solved, * Table of Content of pages, * Boxed image support, * New timing schema, * Many improvements on Filtering function, * Fixes in English, * More friendly code, * Email bug is fixed.

Posted by Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN 2006-10-27

Wikepage Opus 10 2006.2a is released

Opus 10 is mostly a bugfix version. Thanks to Mr. Tomasz Milewski and Mr. Tim Davis, many bug's and improvements are done. Detailed improvements and bugfixes can be found at Wikepage's homesite: http://www.wikepage.org/

Posted by Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN 2006-07-10

Wikepage 2006.2 Opus 9 is released

New wikepage is now a wiki-blog hybrid. Blog entries are wiki pages, and you can view your blog in any of your wiki pages. Wikepage is a 34Kb of multilanguage, multisite, password protected PHP script with RSS output, multi and without a need of any database.

Posted by Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN 2006-04-26

Wikepage Opus 6 2006.1 released!

Wikepage is now more powerful! With new features, corrections and optimizations, new wike released! New features of 2006.1 (codename: Fermi-Dirac) are: Upload system, Delete file/page and support, Edit confirmation page, Page creation D.O.S. bug closed, Small corrections in code and file system.

Posted by Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN 2006-01-04

Wikepage Opus 5 2005.4 released!

With new features and mostly optimization, new wike released! New features of 2005.4 (codename: Bose-Einstein) are Spammer enemy: Nofollowed outlinks, New theme, Optimized code, Code comments are english now, Redesigned folder structure, Single file i18n support, Theme support.

Posted by Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN 2005-09-11

New easier domain: www.wikepage.org

New domain wikepage.org is activated. It's easier than cyrocom.com, i think.

Posted by Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN 2005-08-22

Security announcement: 2005.3 updated to 2005.3a

Because of a security flaw found in 2005.3, new minor release of 2005.3 is released: 2005.3a

Please update your index.php files with 2005.3a's.

Posted by Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN 2005-06-12

Wikepage 2005.3 released.

With new features, optimized code and theme, new "wike!" released. Wikepage is a complete wikisystem/homepage creator with multilanguage site support, i18n support and a simple banner system in a total of 25Kb zipped file.

Posted by Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN 2005-06-04