A Few Observations By a Newbie

  • Lane Lester

    Lane Lester - 2007-02-14

    Thank you for making available what looks like a very useful system. I'm playing with Synergiser on another site, and I'm looking forward to comparing the two systems.

    I realize that English is not the first language of the developers, and I greatly admire your learning this language. Perhaps one bit of help I can offer is some editing:

    It is "standard", not "standart". This occurs in the readme.txt and also in the new default home page (not sure which file).

    In the blog function, it says to put * at the beginning of a line for bullets. Actually, a * and a space are needed.

    There is a problem with the blog display. In the first post I made I have these two lines:

    This illustrates bold, underline, and italics.

    This text should be in a box.

    On the page where the post is displayed by itself, the lines are separate as above. But on the home page, the second line is appended to the first. The URL is http://www.lanelester.com/index.php


    • Lane Lester

      Lane Lester - 2007-02-14

      Here's another note about the readme.txt. It says:

      -Wiki Mode: Pages and Blog entries can change without entering password.

      -Personal Mode: Pages and Blog entries can change only with entering password.


      -In wiki mode you must enter password "everytime" to change a page.

      The two statements about wiki mode seem contradictory. I think the second instance should say:

      -In personal mode you must enter a password every time you wish to change a page.


    • Lane Lester

      Lane Lester - 2007-02-14

      English-speaking non-technical users expect to see "Home" rather than "Index" for the home page of a site. I tried changing things in en.inc, but the page formatting got messed up.


    • Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN

      First of all, I want to thank you for your interest. Secondly, please forgive me, English is not my native language, it can be seen everywhere in wikepage and wikepage.org.

      Problem in the Blog view is caused intentionally. I did this. Otherwise another problems arise in RSS output. And I can not help about the Table of contents, because I take the code from a site, and I do not know Javascript a bit :)

      I am sorry but, Wikepage is not a mature program. But I believe using wikepage is fun. I wish, I can develop it more, but I am so busy :( But, I am so glad that someone use and criticize it. Its codebase is simple. Personally I use it for my internet sites, and my physics department's site. It is just working. I used many CMSs and be tired of changing site to another CMS. And now I believe that "simple is beautiful", and wikepage is simple.

      And.. yes I love Firefox, so I do not know, how wikepage is seemed on IE. :)



    • Breea

      Breea - 2009-03-05

      He was offering some help with the English translation. I've seen the same errors and some more myself. I will try and see about sending you the install files with these problems corrected.


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