Virtual HID Driver 2

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-09-29

    Hi there i have received the same error as the guy in the thread above. I've tried all the suggestion made but none have worked. Is there any way to run the program showing some sort of log file.

    Yours Forever

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-09-29

    and i am running lion

  • Serkov Alexander

    I build virtualhid.kext for x64 arch, but not test currently (only test for loading and unloading this kext). You can try it:

    Replace original kext with this, repair rights, and restart wiiji. May be it's work. :)

  • Serkov Alexander

    Now i test it, it's work fine with 1.2 version of wiiji on lion :)

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-05-04

    I tried your driver but I'm still having trouble.  It seems the games are not recognizing the analog sticks even when I try using gamepad companion to use it as a mouse.  The game will only recognize the mouse and not the analog sticks.  The game I'm trying to use it with is Uberstrike which is free on the mac app store.  Could you test with that?

  • mmbuddha

    mmbuddha - 2012-06-29

    Hello alxn1,

    Thanks for the 64bit virtualhid.kext. Although I'm having what looks like the same problem. I'm getting the:

    - No Virtual HID Driver Available: Wiiji is unable to open the Virtual HID Driver -  error.

    That's both with and without your revised kext. I've tried repairing permissions and re-installing to no avail. Any ideas why this may be? Has anyone heard from the developer. I hope they're still around with Wiiji because it's such a fantastic little app!

  • Serkov Alexander

    I'm sorry, i'm not developer, i only build driver for 64bit. I can fix this problems (i think), but i not have time for this. Really sorry :(

  • mmbuddha

    mmbuddha - 2012-07-23

    alxn1.. if you are ever able to fix this..

    You shall be bestowed with endless internet karma from the heavens, I'm sure of it.

  • Serkov Alexander

    Thanks, mmbuddha :)

    Now, i update Mac OS X to Mountain Lion, and now wiiji can only crash on my machine :) I download code, and try ti fix this crash. After 2 hours, i remove downloaded code. I can fix it, but architecture of project is terrible, i think.

    Now i start new project. It's source code hosted on

    Project is in active developing stage, and some work is done. Now i write code for support Nunchuck and Classic Control. After what i release first alpha version of WJoy.

    Currently WJoy can handle Wiimote and Nunchuck, but it buggy and may crash. If some wish test it  - his can build WJoy from source code. :)

  • Serkov Alexander

    Yes! I write application, what currently support Wii Remote, and 2 extensions: nunchuck and classic controller. And it's work with my wiimote :)

    Link to version 0.3: (source code on , but i change some parts of it every day, and sometimes it's not work or not complile).

    On first connect with device, WJoy ask administrator password, it's need for load driver in kernel. It needed only for first time (but if you move application, rights discarted).

    GUI now is terrible, i rewrite it after i end work on Wiimote.framework (i think, i add support for loadable plugins for support wiimote extensions). But now, WJoy do all work of wiiji (but can't emulate mouse, i write it later).

    And now i stop write here. I think, it's not correct - this is wiiji forum, not WJoy.

    PS: big thanks to Taylor Veltrop and DarwiinRemove team - my work based on ideas (and only ideas - all code is my) from Wiiji and DarwiinRemove.

  • mmbuddha

    mmbuddha - 2012-12-07


    I just re-discovered this thread and gave WJoy a try. It works! You have no idea how much I appreciate you creating a solution for this alxn1, it's been bugging me so much and now finally I have a working Classic Controller for MAME thanks to you.

    One thing, MAME OS X doesn't seem to recognise the 'X' and 'Y' button on my Classic Controller, I wonder if you know how to fix this?

    But really - thanks again, I can use MAME again!


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