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Wifiscanner 1.0.2 is out !

Now less bugs, and detect WPA, WPA2, PSK, TKIP ...

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2006-09-12

wifiscanner 0.9.6 version is out

  • Correction of driver CISCO_WIFI
  • Add support for Prism54G (use -C prism54g )
  • Hide some error from syscall
  • Hop default is now 5 and change channel every 200ms
  • Correct building when wifiscanner build in glib-1.2 and wiretap
    in glib-2.0+. Now all is in glib-2.0+
  • Correct the BOF in memcpy(buf, ...
    Impact all function getPacket*
  • Now Curses is mandatory
  • net/bpf.h is for debian pcap-bpf.h, so try to search it
  • linux-wlan-ng 0.2.1_pre23 is supported when GRSEC and PAX
  • At the summary (end's summary) an ad-hoc client is now not
    identified as an AP
  • Write in pannel windows if a card is STA/AP or ADH (AD-Hoc) not only
  • Syslog support is added
  • Correction of speed display
Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2005-02-27

News version

Version 0.9.5 is released. No more dependencies. a lots of little features are added.

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2004-08-24

Wifiscanner 0.9.4 is here !

At last I release it. A lot of bug are removed and some feature are add. You can choice interactively, the debug mode, channel to scan , velocity of scan, the channel jump ...
Information are now better and more accurate.

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2004-05-26

Release WifiScanner 0.9.1

Now WifiSCanner work with more driver : linux-wlan, hostap and CISCO. It use thread for a better management of time slot.
Take a look at the changelog, it's more understandable :-)

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2003-07-31

Version 0.8.0 is released

Rev 0.8.0 (Dec 26 2002)
- New IDS module
- Bug : Do not count INVLD paquets when -M option is activated
- Libpcap path can be defined in configure
- Debug message and other warning is now write by a uniq function
- Count WEAK IV, Crypted packets, display last IV
And a lot of bug correction...

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2002-12-26

WifiScanner 0.7.1 is released

A curses Wi-Fi scanner
Less bugs, better detection ...

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2002-10-16

Release 0.7.0 is available

The curses version of this 802.11b networks scanner is available.

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2002-09-10

Release 0.6.0

Compatible with Linux-wlan-ng driver 14 and 13.
More options, more analyse, less bug ... :-)

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2002-06-19

Working in progress ...

Usage of Linux-Wlan-ng 0.1.14
Draw detected architecture
Print a final report

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2002-06-12

First public release

At last :)
I do the first public release of WiFiScanner
You can directly download the package or acces sources via the CVS

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2002-05-16

Creation of project

Creation of project on SourceForge
Source tree wil be quickly arrive

Posted by Jérôme Poggi 2002-05-15

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