#36 firmware crashed my wrt54g


i have flashed my router with the newest
wfb.........after flashing i cannot connect to
router... can't ping also the reset
function doesn't work.. :( ...

what can i do now?


  • dalle

    dalle - 2005-03-24

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    ok this is what you need to do to solve this!!
    i got sveasoft firmware from http://www.numbski.net/software/
    wrt54g.wikieditish where yo can get it for free uploaded this to the router
    (you have to connect wireless) then i dloaded the linksys firmware u can
    get that from their page then upgraded and flashed to factory defaults then
    i got the wifibox firmware and i got it to work. maybe someone have a
    better solution but if not this is the way to go!!!!

  • nestl09224

    nestl09224 - 2005-03-31

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    LAN-Ports are disabled
    You can only ping with wireless without Security and DHCP-Client

  • Sebastian Lemke

    Sebastian Lemke - 2005-04-29

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    Can you connect via wlan ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    buy new one

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    few things you can try...first download the stock firmware
    that came with the router from
    do an indefinite ping under command prompt(ping -n 9999 with a static ip set in windows(
    use a pen to hold the reset button in and after about 5-10
    seconds you will get 4-5 replies. Now let go of that and
    try typing in the command tftp -i put
    whatever.bin but do not hit enter.... hold the reset button
    in again and about 5 seconds later you should see "update
    succeeded" let go of reset button and do not turn off power
    until power light is solid ...reboot it unset your static ip
    and you should be good.

    If this doesn't work I reccommend debricking via shorting
    pins 15/16 with indefinite ping running introducing power
    and when u get replies send the stock firmware via tftp.
    You can read more on this by googling "wrt54g debrick"

    Kevin Hunt


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