Validation of some Spezial Fields

  • Malte Kempff

    Malte Kempff - 2006-11-28

    have u ever thought of some kind of service routines for validating certain contents like IBAN. It looks very much like a common issue to me, so not every application should implement that on its own.
    What do u think about that?



    • Malte Kempff

      Malte Kempff - 2006-12-14

      In my special case the messages are to be dispached. One of the rules says that if a IBAN is wrong dispatch it to a caertain goal. Since IBAN has a check digit which can be verified by a certain algorithm. My intention is, here since this seems to be a standard solution, how to check the IBAN fast, without any further information, there could also be one standard implementation, hence other appliccation might could need it also. And i think that would be suitable having such a routine somewhere only once.


    • Miguel Griffa

      Miguel Griffa - 2006-11-28

      Sure this kind of things will be implemented in the validation framework, I guess that you could use that code right now it you had it available, right? I'll try to work on that asap.

    • Miguel Griffa

      Miguel Griffa - 2006-11-29

      Malte, I'm going to implement IBAN validation right now, It will probably take me some time to implement verification code according to ISO 13616, but expect this feature to be in next release.

    • Torsten_Syracom

      Torsten_Syracom - 2006-12-04

      Hi Malte,

      why do you want to check the IBAN Code?
      It's only necessary to check the SWIFT Validation rules for this.
      You can generate the IBAN from BIC, Region Code, Account Number, ...
      This might be done by the application? If your or destination Account is not valid, the application will send a error message but we've sent a correct SWIFT-message.




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