How to Import External Libraries

  • Greer Trumble

    Greer Trumble - 2008-05-29

    I would like to experiment with using WS with wxWidgets and Fox Tool Kit.

    I can see from the program structure that this is possible, but I have never seen instruction on how to import external libraries of widgets into WS.

    Can you provide import instrcutions for this?

    • Greer Trumble

      Greer Trumble - 2008-05-29 source\ws-v3.97-12

      These two doc pages appear to realate to this issue, and i think I understand the inclusion of the DLL file in the Project Settings, but I've never been strong on understanding linking.  Can you guys provide a fulll example of an external library that is properly included and linked?

      A complete example would be really great.


    • Greer Trumble

      Greer Trumble - 2008-05-29
    • Greer Trumble

      Greer Trumble - 2008-05-30

      I just discovered that I asked a similar question in 2003 -- here is what you wrote then...

      The following is the
      general outline to import other toolkit into WideStudio:
      this is the way I did for importing OpenGL.

      1. get the resource of a window/form on which
      you want to display something of another toolkit.

      WSDdev* dev = object->getdev();

      2. get information from the resource.

      #ifndef MSW // this is the switch used in WideStudio
      //for x11,
      Window win = (Window)dev->getWindowResource();
      Display* disp = (Display*)dev->getDeviceResource();
      //for win32,
      HWND win = (HWND)dev->getWindowResource();
      HDC disp = (HDC)dev->getContextResource();

      3. make a relation between the information and the toolkit.

      This assumes that the toolkit can use resources given by other toolkit.


      I will go back tot his information and try to work on it, but I would appreciate any additional comment you may have at this time.


      Greer T.


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