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Linux compatibility

Finally! The linux code is there.
For all the coders around... I managed to mess up the Makefile... duuuh. There is no file release yet, but that should be done in a matter of days. Meanwhile you can download the 0.55 release, and compile the cvs-code by yourself (gcc + make).

You might want to have a look into the makefile first to set CPU optimizations to your needs.

-- exhuma.twn

Posted by Michel Albert 2004-02-06

New Sound packs

We 're devoloping new sound packs and we 're getting some help from other wicked net members which is great.....

check out the sound section in downloads area.

Thx a lot ..

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2003-05-31

New Developer

G-\L3N.twn has just joined us as developer.

Posted by Michel Albert 2003-05-09

New Sound pack added

This is the first sound pack added altough the command shout_world is still in early beta status :)

If you want to submit a new soundpack just mail to us

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2003-04-23

Finally back on the work

We got finally back on the work

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2003-04-12

We're going to a Lan

We will be out for the weekend to test our latest work on a 12 player lan. Not very much you're going to say now. Well I can assure you for our quake modification it's a lot.

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-09-06

Lovage rules

Mike Patton you 're the greatest.

And again new adds in the upcoming release. Well perhaps the banana's will also be on the next release. We still got some problems to understand quake 2 's vector techiques, but we working on them.

For XP-->On Join--> Crash we got no solution so far.

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-29

Well what can I say

Modeling problems are all solved. We added some new graphics in the hud for the pipes, clusters etc.

And take a look at the Bugs Forum there is only 1 bug left.


Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-28

Upcoming features

Changes on the next version of wickedq2-xxx will be :

* New improved scoreboard (which allows >12clients)
* New Say_Sound function (will be explained l8tr)
* A clock in the hud

Well yeahh some of those new features acctually work but we want to test them a little before releasing them.

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-28

Modeling Problems

We finally resolved our skinning problems today yahhhhhh :)

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-28

Source only package released

Finally we spilt up the offical game release and the source release. Now you can also download a source only release.

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-27

New Release is out 0.5

Still Beta but rocks more :)

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-27

New Release will come .....

The new release will be out for Tuesday.

So watch out and don' t waste your time with other things.

Computers are like air-conditioners as soon as you open a window it's wasted.

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-26

Modeling Details

Well today we started modeling. After nearly 2 days of trying to get something out with 3dmax R4, Quakemodeller and NSTSkin Edtitor we finally took a deep look to the fantastic Milkshape Studio. It really kicks ass. We registered it and are ready to take off.

Also the cluster grenades are working.

Cu you soon

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-26

WickedQuake2 Homepage

Well yeahh Exhuma.twn has just done a great Wicked Quake 2 Homepage. Its simple but informative about our project. Check it out at http://wickedquake.sourceforge.net !

Thanks a lot to Exhuma.twn for his engagment. I think he deserved a non-slave status in the wicked net clan.

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-24

CVSROOT --> working

Thanks to doc|twn and Exhuma|twn we finally got cvs working right.

Well that's the beginning of the end.

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-24

Project is moving forward

New features in Version 0.4 :

- Message of the Day ( motd.txt ) only for server
- More Gibs ( can be set by a cvar )
- PipeBombs ( with every second frag you gain 1 more )
- Pizza timer ( doesn' t work correctly )
- New weapon --> TeleRail ( only available at a specified health point )

So that's it for this version we looking further to build in new things.
See you soon

Posted by Lazzarini Frank 2002-08-22