Next version of MSI

  • Lammypie1969

    Hi, can you advise if there will be a new version of the MSI in the near future?

  • Al West
    Al West

    Hi Lammypie, 

    Thanks for your question.  I know I've been on about a new version for many months now and I am in progress of a major rewrite. I still have some way to go and it's not easy for me at the moment being a new Dad and also having more full-time work commitments.


  • hstevenson

    Hi Al,

    Thanks for WHSClamAV! I know how hard it is to find time to work on hobbies when both job & family demand so much of us.

    When I update it on my WHS server, I get the message:

    "WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!
    WARNING: Local version: 0.96.1 Recommended version: 0.98.1"

    Is there a way for us to somehow manually update the ClamAV kernel (and how?), or is this something that requires a new release of WHSClamAV?

    If the latter, do you still plan on putting out a new release (especially since WHS is no long er a "current" OS)?

    If not, are there any AV programs out there that you recommend for WHS?