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Release 2.03

This is mostly a maintenance release. Fixed a memory leak in client API that happend if no servers where available (Ilya Etingof), and a few clenups proposed by Greg Woods.

Posted by Eugene Crosser 2003-08-19

release 2.02

This release includes more security features,no changes in functionality

Posted by Eugene Crosser 2001-09-23

release 2.01

Release 2.01 published that (hopefully) fixes the problem of wrong AF_UNIX sockaddr sizes. Currently it seems to work right on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and HP/UX 11. Let me know if there are systems that require different approach...

Posted by Eugene Crosser 2001-07-20

move complete

whoson.sourceforge.net is now primary site
for the project. CVS has been set up and
distribution packages uploaded. (hmm, now
to figure how to set up anon ftp...)

Posted by Eugene Crosser 2001-02-26

set up in progress...

I am having problems getting access to sourceforge
shell and cvs servers. Until this is resolved,
please use http://www.average.org/whoson/ instead.

Posted by Eugene Crosser 2000-12-21