Anonymous - 2013-05-12

Great answers, as everyone Im concerned about security. One more question please, could I just get clarity surrounding the below examples you have provide regarding SocksPort and TransPort and their differences while connecting to Tor. Are there any tunnels created within Tor and therefor the original headers being passed?

Applications configured to use [Stream Isolation] (<-- should answer that), yes, they should be only connecting "t" Other applications, not configured to use a SocksPort (stream isolation) do not literately connect "to" (in some sense they of course do), but "through" Think of Whonix-Gateway as a proxy (Tor SocksPorts) and a router (Tor TransPort).

SocksPort: "Hi socks! Please forward xxx to yyy. Thanks!"

TransPort: "Hi gateway! I want to connect to xxx, please forward. Thanks!"