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Building WhiteStarUML with Delphi 10.1 Starter

During the last months the Starter Edition of Delphi 10.1 has been offered for free. I took that occassion to check if it is functional enough to compile WhiteStarUML. The final outcome is satisfactory. While of course having limited features that version of Delphi offers all functionality required to compile WhiteStarUML. The result of that build can be found in the Experimental folder. It was not deeply tested yet it looks to be fully functional. It can be also used as the base for any personal recompilations.... read more

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2017-01-08

ERD table generation/parsing addin in C# is available

The release 5.7 comes with a new addin extending existing ERD profile to generate and parse SQL tables. This one is entirely written in C# and is expected to be a simple yet not trivial example of writing custom addins in C#.

So far, despite the open architecture and COM compatibility of StarUML APIs there was little activity in development of custom addins. In my eyes it was caused by lack of any examples as the standard StarUML addins were written in Delphi which is not wildly known and used now. ... read more

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2015-09-23

64 bit build is out

Three years of existence of WhiteStarUML are marked with the initial delivery of its 64 bit version (in the Win64 folder). Unfortunately it is still a quite modest one as it contains only one DLL plugin - XMI export/import. The other ones are still crippled by rather aged StarUML heritage and contain old components being 32 bit binary only or having x86 assembler code. Those problems will be addressed in the coming time but some will require a bigger redesign. ... read more

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2015-01-06

Support for team development and dealing with big projects in WhiteStarUML

Dealing with teamwork and potentially large projects created that way is a challenging issue. Originally StarUML introduced a concept of project units. The idea is described in detail in the StarUML user documentation. Generally it allows selecting in the model a package and saving it in a separate unit file. Such a unit could be read and modified by another person and finally merged back by the person that created the unit. Evidently such a scheme still leaves the most challenging part of merging modified units to the users and given potential complexity such a feature is not commonly used.... read more

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2014-06-19

Magic number 5.5

WhiteStarUML just reached release 5.5 using the recent Delphi compiler version XE5 and some memories come back from the days when the Delphi’s ancestor Turbo Pascal 5.5 was the king of the hill in the early 90-ties. It gained popularity when the computer revolution was heating up and IBM PC class computers became widely available. For many young computer enthusiasts it was an opportunity to migrate from Basic/Assembler programming style on 8-bit computers to a fully procedural language with data structures like Pascal. It was really a blast to explore new concepts like recursion and data structures beyond simple tables and tackle with them more complex problems. Soon after came object orientation and opened yet again new horizons. On the base of Object Pascal Delphi was born offering higher level of abstraction of operating system resources without compromising language expressiveness. ... read more

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2014-04-27

No install (portable) build added

Time passes fast. It has been a year since the last blog post. It is mostly due to the changes being not so substantial as they were at the beginning what gave a natural reason to blog about. Nevertheless the project still grows regularly.

Finally in the last days a more visible change appeared. I noticed that the binary image of the installation was used by several persons as an independent software. It mostly worked but without component registration some functionality like input parsing was missing. I believe for many people being able to run software without running installer is quite important. To make it more usable a new, slightly modified distribution using Registration Free COM paradigm based on the application manifest instead of Registry is used in the WhiteStarUML-NoInstall.zip distribution. Using it is as simple as decompressing the zip file and finally running as administrator a short install.bat file to register last features that were not supported by Registration Free COM. To uninstall run uninstall.bat. Currently it is an initial build and still may have some problems.... read more

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2013-07-28

Unicode fully supported now

The international audience should rejoice. With version 5.3 WhiteStarUML supports names created using Unicode characters so it is possible to create diagrams like this.

It was achieved due to built in support for Unicode in recent Delphi editions however some more work was needed to adapt expression parsers used to analyze entity names. I do not know if this feature is commonly used but it is for instance possible to specify along with class name also stereotype and visibility in the same line by typing something like "<< stereo >> - MyClass". If all is parsed correctly you will see class MyClass with stereotype stereo and private visibility (-).... read more

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2012-07-21

Beta is out

And since version 5.2.3 hopefully is correctly installing and starting. Yet it is still an effort of a single person so the available testing abilities are limited, particularly the development is done on Windows 7 so the behavior on older platforms, especially Windows XP is untested. I noticed that the installer fails if the latest MSI installer is not present and some GUI elements, notably the Model Explorer Panel are not functional. Maybe this is a problem of older, not fully compatible with Windows 7 system libraries and can be identified and fixed. Some help with compiling WhiteStarUML on Windows XP would be appreciated.... read more

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2012-02-18

Roadmap 2012

WhiteStarUML has been around for two weeks now and while one should not expect a lot of interest in programming tools around Christmas it was downloaded a few times, even copied by some software download sites like Softpedia where it was tested, verified to be malware free and some screenshots were taken. While their description is a bit misleading at least I know now the program can be successfully executed outside the machine where it was developed what was the main goal of the Alpha release. Hence it looks that the software is well on its way to the Beta release which should take place in a week or two.... read more

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2011-12-28


Thanks for coming and checking out this project! If you are familiar with StarUML you probably noticed that while being quite popular it was not being updated for a while. There are various reasons for this, the original developers losing their interest and the implementation language and environment too exotic and complex to easily attract new developers.

Nevertheless I believe that despite the criticism, Delphi as the principal development language was a main force behind the success of StarUML. Thanks to its productivity boost the project could grow and gain popularity while being backed by a team of several developers. Most of projects of similar scope usually hire a lot of more people. So I think it can be continued from this point. The source code already got migrated to modern Delphi editions, dependence on some third party, outdated components eliminated and currently updating and compiling the source code requires the following environment:... read more

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2011-12-18