White Hacks... installers that fix broken installers.

Current "White Hacks" available:
(1) [whitehack_brother_printer_with_selinux]
(2) Watch this space...

Ever downloaded a vendors RPM/installer for some hardware (or even software),
installed the RPM/installer only to have to hack the installation to get it

Point in question: Brother printers with selinux:

Well that is just what I had to do when I bought my Brother MFC-J6910DW
printer and tried to install it on RHEL/Centos Linux.

After a bit of googling I found a 4 line hack that fixed the problem. But
then I went one hack further and created a whitehack. This is a RPM/installer that
installs my "white hack" on your computer.

Whitehacks come in two forms:
whitehack_XXX - unenabled, good for initial review
whitehack_XXX-enabled - install enabled, good for batch patch installs

Keywords: rpmbuild, .spec, brlpdwrappermfc, brprintconf_mfc, audit2allow and


Wiki: whitehack_brother_printer_with_selinux