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New Release: 0.3.1

In this release the Translator class has been changed to give users the possibility to embed WH2FO into others java applications.
Thanks to Vincent Flipo for this upgrade.

Posted by Fabio Giannetti 2002-06-11

New Release: 0.3.0

WH2FO 0.3.0
New Features:
- Compliant with the XSL-FO Recommendation
- Full Header and Footer conversion
- Multiple Headers and Footers support
- Empty lines conversion
- Complex Page Sequences (first+rep+last, first+alt+last)
- New Tokenizer Parser

Posted by Fabio Giannetti 2002-04-22

New Release: 0.2.0

New Release: 0.2.0
- More robust parser (bug fixed)
- Table description compatibel with FOA

Posted by Fabio Giannetti 2001-12-10