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Multi level user authentication + authorization

Using C# .NET (WCF) so it integrates well into the windows OS - possibly (super admins) manage parts of the OS from within the client (I.e. Windows Updates/view current cpu+memory usages, processes (list is long but you get the idea))

Plugin Architecture so that community could build different plugins for different game servers i haven't thought of and for this engine to interact with the game servers it hosts.

Using the plugin architecture would then allow the server manager to communicate with the game server itself (e.g something like http://hlsw.org)

then later on integrate say http://www.hlstats-community.org/ for global stats

then when I get a stable production build work on some sort of clustering feature going (but that would be waay in the future) i.e have >1 host running the services which would communicate with each other and a file server.. so hosts could have one big collection of maps etc and config files and if a server host fails the game server would automatically start on a live host if there's enough available resources.

btw if people wanted to help out .. more than welcome and suggestions for names would be good too

There would be (probably) 2 parts to the project 1: the main server manager (a service running on the windows machine) and 2: a client which would communicate over tcp/ip (maybe 3 for auto updates/server side)

Any suggestions what people may want in it? and if it's a good idea / would people use it? appreciate any thoughts

email is