#32 Allow mouse cursor to move in and out of window


This patch adds support to unacquire the mouse when it moves to the edge of a window and then reacquire it when it moves back over the window. This makes using GUI based applications that run in a window much more convenient. (An example of how to use this will be forthcoming)


  • Joel Croteau

    Joel Croteau - 2010-04-18
    • labels: --> Enhancement
  • Joel Croteau

    Joel Croteau - 2010-04-18

    An example of how to implement this is provided with OGRE's SampleBrowser here https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2989099&group_id=2997&atid=302997 at present both of these patches only contain implementations for Win32, however it should not be difficult for someone more versed in the APIs than myself to add support for other platforms;

  • Joel Croteau

    Joel Croteau - 2010-04-19

    Have added a modified version of the patch, which in addition to the above functionality, also adds the ability to freeze the mouse cursor while still tracking relative movement. This is useful for doing things like draglook while still preventing the cursor from leaving the window.

  • Joel Croteau

    Joel Croteau - 2013-06-30

    Attached is my most recent update to the patch. This is based on OIS v1.3, as this appears to be a more recent version than what is on the CVS repository. This includes the previous changes as well as adding a preprocessor define to enable or disable support for the new featureset, to maintain compatibility with older versions of OIS.


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