#7 Query for number of mouse buttons


It would be good to have a query for the number of available mouse buttons. This way, the user of OIS can present to the player a list of mouse buttons that the player can select from.


  • Phillip Castaneda

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  • Phillip Castaneda

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    Tricky, since I simply get mostly an event which happens when a button is clicked as opposed to enumeration. Though, you are usually safe always assuming there are 2 buttons (even on OSX it is safe, as most users will plugin a mouse with 2 buttons - but, don't make the second button 100% needed). But anyway, a good way to do action mapping/user configuration is to allow the user to select the action to modify, and then you simply wait for the user to hit a button/key/axes/mouse button/etc to bind to that action. That way, you don't need to really provide the user with a list. Hence, I don't think this feature will be brought into the engine, as mice are rather simple and 90% there are only 2 buttons anyway.

    Thanks for the suggestion anyway, but I don't think I will be able to do this. However, if you could offer a patch that worked under Linux/Windows/OSX, I would have no choice but to add it in ;-)

    - Phillip

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