#6 P5glove and directinput demo


As strange as this may sound, I'd like a P5Glove driver built in, and a directinput driver demo... or other generic input demo.

The reason is that everyone isn't likely to adopt this library and using a generic input method (a joystick driver could also work) would be useful.

Also the P5 glove has limited support though libraries exist... whatever software is used (homebrew) typically uses a fairly akward input method... it's kinda sad that the p5glove is dying.

Feel free to delete this if you don't like it. (P5glove has a mouse mode btw, though most software can't switch modes).


  • Phillip Castaneda

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  • Phillip Castaneda

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    Sorry, I don't think I will have such time to add support for this. Especially, as you state it is becoming a rare device. Patches are welcome, but as a feature request, I simply don't think I will be able to, and no body else has come forward :/

    - Phillip

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  • SourceForge Robot

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