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First serious release of Python client

The PyPop GUI interpreter, which I've just now put into the download area, wraps the wftk code into some convenient Python classes and then exposes the whole thing through a wxWidgets GUI. The definition of an app is an XML file which combines UI elements with action elements defining actions to be taken.

There isn't much exposure of actual workflow yet. That will follow soon. (Of course, "soon" in wftk-speak means something different from normal English vernacular.)

Posted by Michael Roberts 2007-02-02

Started work on two clients

I've started work on a CGI interface and a mail handler interface (the latter being a way to get incoming mail to invoke workflow functionality). They are both using the new repository manager API as opposed to the wftk core API, even though the repmgr hasn't really been officially released. The reason is simple: the repmgr API is easier to use and to configure, which is, after all, why I came up with it in the first place.... read more

Posted by Michael Roberts 2002-08-05

wftk-1.0pre2 downloadable

Bit by bit, this is looking like a real project.

Posted by Michael Roberts 2002-07-22

Nearing v1.0 of wftk core; docs in CVS

Whelp, having been interviewed for a magazine article, I thought maybe it was time to get some closure on wftk core. Once I started digging into it, of course, I realized just how not finished it is -- but I'm still wrapping up the wftk core as a v1.0.

In other news, I've starting putting the documentation (including source documentation) into CVS. High time that was organized. I'll also be pulling some of the historical documentation (of the spec work and prototype) into the doc tree over the next few days.

Posted by Michael Roberts 2002-06-22

Started work on Python wrapper

Part of the Zope integration, the XMLAPI wrapper is now functional (although maybe a little iffy) and checked into CVS. If you know more about Python extension than I do, feel free to try it out and tell me where it can be improved.

Upcoming: wrappers for the rest of wftk, Zope products. (That's the short version of the Zope integration plan.)

Posted by Michael Roberts 2001-07-17

CVS sources in good shape

The CVS sources now build on both Windows and Solaris. Integration modules will be
coming soon, starting with Python, and soon thereafter Perl. I've got an OK to write an
article for IBM developerWorks on using wftk for websites, so that will motivate me.

There are lots of people asking about a Java/EJB port. Yes, I think it's a good idea if it doesn't run away with the project (i.e. as long as the C and Java versions are functionally equivalent.) The class structures will be identical between Java, Perl, C++, and Python.... read more

Posted by Michael Roberts 2001-07-06

Slow but sure

I've finally managed to get CVS and SSH playing together, so I'm beginning to make this project look like a project. That is to say: "No, I'm not dead yet."

In other news, I have the wftk working with Oracle. On Windows, I've managed to get things set up so that optional adaptors are loaded dynamically only when needed, meaning that you don't have to static-link to every database in the world to make things work. I'll be putting together a Windows binary-only distribution Real Soon Now. Really.

Posted by Michael Roberts 2001-06-19

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