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Elmer Ubalde

Project Admins:


The project is a framework to provide a workflow-driven HR process system to handle various company related requests such as;

  1. Vacation/Sick Leaves
  2. Purchases
  3. Reimbursements
  4. Travel
  5. Hiring
  6. Training
  7. Overtime

Architecture is a SOA style system comprising of
1. Oracle DB for persistence.
2. Webservices consisting of workflow engine and data access layer using Windows Communication Foundation and Windows WorkFlow Foundation.
a. HR Webservice as data access layer to expose HR structures such as Employee, Department, Asset , Position, and etc.
b. Request logger Webservice as data access layer to persist requests to DB.
c. Request Workflow Webservice as process workflow engine.
d. Inbox Webservice as data access layer to expose list of pending requests waiting for approval or cancellation.
3. Web-UI Front-end as presentation layer using ASP.NET

Development Stage: Coding