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Bryon produces first "Hatchling" Graphic.

Bryon, our graphics artist, has produced a graphic of our mascot for the "Hatchling" release. It is posted in the Graphics Pot under Splash Screens in the Wiki. Please take a look and comment. If you hate it, love it, think something should be different, please give us feedback. Also, it would be nice to have a name for the mascot, but I don't have any bright ideas, so I'm looking for suggestions. Just nothing with "zilla" in it, please. :)

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-12-10

Progress on CombatManager for WETT

Zyrca has made some significant progress on her Combat Manager module. Yesterday she had two creatures engage each other in combat for the first time. Her eventual aim is to create Artificial Intelligence agents that can be used to run NPC's for the Game Master. At first the Combat Manager will interact with the players and the GM through the Chat interface but we expect to integrate it with the Mapper module later on. I expect that the Combat Manager will speed up combat greatly and take a great deal of work off the hands of the Game Master. -- Ray

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-12-10

SVG Code Sent to Andrew

Andrew Carey is leading the work Mapper, so I sent him the code I have developed for an application called SVG Illuminator. Illuminator is a drawing application that saves the drawings as SVG code. Right now it's incomplete, since it can only save SVG; it can't read it back in and recreate the drawing from it. I've been considering setting it up as a separate project, since it could probably be complete in fairly short order and then we could use the code in the Mapper and any other place we need SVG editing and display. -- Ray

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-11-28

Some GUI code posted.

I've posted some of the GUI code that I've been working on. Andrew Carey has expressed an interest in working on the GUI and I felt that it would be good to post the code even though it is very far from complete or even functional. The code was written using NetBeans and the *.form files are used by NetBeans to coordinate work in the GUI Editor on the classes that are primarily GUI classes like JFrames and JPanels. If you change the code so that it won't work with the *.form files, please remove those files from CVS so no one will be confused.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-11-26

Working with World Forge

I recently received an email from one of the people over at World Forge expressing interest in sharing ideas and resources with our project. You can check out their project at www.worldforge.org. I think both projects will benefit from an exchange of ideas and probably other things, perhaps even code, artwork and more. -- Ray

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-11-26

Robert Wei Submits First JXTA Code

Robert Wei today submited the first parts of the JXAT Communications Layer. Robert took over development of a design for the communications layer and built the first pieces of code after the previous JXTA Lead found himself to busy at work to devote time to the project. Robert will be out of town until December 1st, but said that he would try to keep tabs on the project. It's now up to the rest of us to finish what Robert started so we can finish the "Hatchling" release. -- Ray

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-11-21

Scrambling on JXTA Communications Layer

Since Harsh is unable to work on the project for the time being due to work pressures, we are scrambling to put together the JXTA Communications Layer. I'm working on design of the layer and both Robert Wei and Paulo Mouat have volunteered to work on the code. I've also put up a new ad for someone experienced in JXTA and sent requests for help to the JXTA User and Developer mailing lists. Anyone wishing to help out should let me know. -- Ray

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-11-17

First "Hatchling" Images will be release soon.

I asked Bryon to create some images of a mascot for the project. He sent me the first one, "Hatchling" today. It's really good. He'll be doing some more polishing of it and we hope to have it ready to display by December 1st. Afterwards, our mascot will grow with each release until we get to our first production/stable release.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-11-17

New MessageHandler Code Checked In

The updated message handler code has been checked in. Please take a look and comment!

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-11-08

Paulo Mouat takes over as MessageHandler Lead

Paulo Mouat has taken over as the MessageHandler Lead. Roland Yu has found that he has to concentrate on work for the time being and won't have enough time to devote to the project to work on the MessageHandler code right now.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-11-07

MessageHandler Checked In -- New GUI Lead

I checked in the first cut of the MessageHandler Code from Paulo Mouat today. Since MessageHandler is the backbone of the application, it's a big step for us. Also Shahid Noorahman has agreed to take on the GUI Lead position for us, so another important job has been filled.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-11-02

Peer module checked in

The first pass at the Peer module has been checked in. It is incomplete and completely untested at this point but it will give you and idea where I'm going with it. -- Ray

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-31

Ritin Tandon (Joshua) has taken the Mapper Lead Position

Rittin Tandon (Joshua) has volunteered to lead the development of the Mapper module of Wett-p2p. The Mapper module will present the actual virtual table top that players and game masters will use to show where characters, monsters, and other game elements are located to facilitate play.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-30

JavaDoc for Creature Module Posted

Heather has uploaded and posted the JavaDoc for the code she is working on. She's adding links to the front page of the website and to the Wiki.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-28

Syncmail Being Installed

I am currently in the process of setting up email lists that will send out email when code is checked into the project. There is one list that covers the entire project and one for each project. The email sent out will contain the comments you enter when checking in code, so please be keep your comments appropriate for public consumption. I urge the team leaders to subscribe to the CVS check-in list that covers their particular module. Developers should also subscribe to the mailing lists for the modules they are working on.
-- Ray

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-26

Phase I Challenge Issued

Today I defined a set of goals for Phase I and issued a challenge.

Phase I will be complete when we can do the following with Wett:
1) Start the application
2) Log on as a user
3) Create a Group
4) Start a Chat Session
5) Connect with at least two other people to form a 3-way Chat.

That's it.

Now the challenge. I'd like to announce completion of Phase I on or before December 1st, 2002. I think this is a doable objective. It won't be a horrible disappointment if we can't make it, but I strongly believe that once we can use the application for multi-way chat, there will be a lot of enthusiasm generated and we'll be able to move forward more quickly.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-25

Project Manager Can't Spell

Sorry, I obviously misspelled Michael Donaghy's name....

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-24

Michaeil Donaghy is our new ChatManager Lead.

Michael Donaghy has decided to help out by becoming the ChatManager Lead. The ChatManager module will have the responsibility of accepting text typed by Players and GameMasters, sending it to it's proper destination via the MessageHandler and JXTA CommunicationLayer modules. The ChatManager will also make sure text is displayed properly in the appropriate

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-24

Paulo Mouat has accepted the position of UML Analyst

Paulo Mouat Has accepted the postion of UML Analyst. His help on UML is greatly appreciated since I haven't had a great deal of experience with UML and I'm having to learn as I go. This will help us move forward more quickly with requirements development and design.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-24

Harsh Khanna has accepted the position of JXTA Lead

Harsh Khanna has offered to be our Lead programmer on the JXTA Communications Layer. This is one of the most important pieces of the project and will provide many of the features that will set us apart from other applications that are available to play RPGs on the Internet. He'll need help, so if you are interested in working with JXTA let him know.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-23

Roland Lu Accepts MessageHandler Lead Position

Roland Lu (Lu Jigang) has accepted the position of MessageHandler Lead. He'll be responsible for the design and implementation of the MessageHandler code that will link all the rest of the WETT modules together.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-21

Basic structure for the project committed to CVS

I have committed the bare bones of the structure to CVS .

Please see http://wett-p2p.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?CVSStructure for more information.

Posted by Heather Cousineau 2002-10-20

Test Lead joins project

Philip Rowney has just joined our project as our new Test Lead.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-20

New Look for Home Page

Bryon Snell, our artist has put together a new look for our home page.

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-18

Developers, Please Subscribe to Developer Mailing List

It's important that all the developers subscribe to the developer mailing list at http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/wett-p2p-devl. That's the primary communications channel that we have for discussion of project issues that concern all of us. Please subscribe if you haven't already!

Posted by Ray Benjamin 2002-10-17