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weplab 0.1.5 compiled Windows version

Weplab 0.1.5 .EXE binary for Windows

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2005-07-20

weplab 0.1.5

Change log:
- Stupid bug with small packets (like arp) fixed. Minimun size decreased to 20 bytes. Now weplab works like a charm with an arp replay attack.
- Prints the right ascii password when a wep key is cracked using the dictionary mode.

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2005-07-18

Weplab is not dead! 0.1.4 is out

weplab 0.1.4 has been released.

Actually it do not include new important features, just some bug fixed and little inprovements.

If you find an error please submit it to the bugtracker or send me an email.
If you think you can easily fix it, just do it, publish here your patch or send it to me.

Changelog is the following:
- Fixed a bug in bruteforge.c and implemented a new way to coordinate multiple process cracking.
- Fixed a bug in bruteforge.c now --ascii goes up to 0x7F.
- Only support for --alpha (only letters) and --alnum (letters and numbers) in the bruteforce attack.
- Now wlan0 is the default interface for capturing packets.
- 'q' quits sniffing and flushes the pcap file.
- Simplified help for command line parameters
- Fixed some divide by 0 bugs
- Added --wordfile. Now it is possible to launch the dictionary based attack without using John the Ripper to generate words.

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2005-03-03

Weplab 0.1.3 released!

Changelog is the following:

- Fixed a bug with those WEP keys which have a 0xFF byte value
- Fixed bug that made weplab show wrong BSSID with --analyze (Thanks Rubio9)
- Fixed problem with --ascii in bruteforce attack (Thanks Gforkel)
- Now weplab have a manual page! (generated from xml file).
- Minor bugs fixed related to console printed messages.
- Name "beta" is no longer in weplab's version. Although the project still remain in beta stage.... read more

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2004-12-08

weplab-0.1.2 is out

Weplab-0.1.2 is out. Windows precompiled executable is also available.

- Default options for statistical attack changed. Now [ -s 3 --perc 50 ] by default
- Command line options are more relaxed and robust. - PRISM_HEADER datalink added for capture packets.
- Dictionary attack little fix. It is tested and works fine with John The Ripper 1.6

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2004-09-11

New version 0.1.1 released!

PowerPC users (both linux and MacOSX) will find this release quite usefull ;)
Apart from adding some little features, it fixes big endian issues. Weplab have been tested and works fine under PPC.

Changelog is the following:
* 2004-09-09. weplab 0.1.1-beta
- Automatic BSSID detection and selection if not specified with --bssid.
- Analyze (-a) now shows all packets per BSSID.
- Big endian issues fixed
- Little fixes for windows platform

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2004-09-10

Last version 0.0.9 is out!!

Now it is possible to crack WEP in less than an hour, from 150.000 packets, thanks to Korek's statistical attacks.

I would be pleased if you could feedback me with your cracking results :)

Apart from that, dictionary attack is implemented but not tested. Please submit me your bugs.


Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2004-08-29

New version 0.0.8-beta is out!

New statistical attacks implemented. Now it is feasible to crack a 64/128-bit wep key using only 500k packets.

CHANGELOG. 2004-08-22. weplab 0.0.8-beta
- Added new statistical attacks (Korek's attacks). Now it is possible to crack the key even with less than 500k packets
- Fixed bug with second byte attack. Remains to be tested in deep
- Added BSSID detection
- Added information about the time needed to crack the current key. For benchmarking purposes
- Some minor fixes in README file and Help.

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2004-08-23

New version 0.0.7-beta released!

Weplab status has changed from alpha to beta.

Here is the new version 0.0.7-beta changelog:

- Fixed bug recognizing AMD Athlon XP processor on configure script
- Fixed one small-big bug. Forgot to printf the key when it was found in bruteforce mode.
- Some spanish messages are now translated into english
- Fixed small bug in the number of keybytes showed with --debugkey
- Fix a bug with 0 bytes data length packets
- Restructuration of the source code. Now statistical attacks (like FMS) are located in attack.c.
It is easier to modify or add custom attacks modifying this file.
- Added the possibility to specify desired statistical attacks to be launched from command line (--attacks 1,2)
- Attack to byte 2 dissabled by default as it is BUGGY. Will be reviewed and fixed in future releases.... read more

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2004-07-05

New version 0.0.6-alpha available

I hope this will be last alpha version.
If no main bug is reported weplab will change it's status to "beta".

Main changes in this version are:
- debugkey error fix
- prismheader detection in --analyze
- some sanity checks (much more in future versions)

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2004-06-23

Version 0.0.4-alpha released

Here you have a new version (0.0.4-alpha)
This time --prismheader works fine.

Please report me your tests. I just have a prism2 card and I would like to know how does weplab work with other cards/drivers. Specially if --fcs and/or --prismheader is needed, and how do you put your card in monitor mode.
Any feedback would be really appreciated.

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2004-06-15

Second alpha version released.

This version includes the new command line parameter --perc <number> that allows you specify custom minimun percentaje of succeed for candidate wep key bytes selection.
Also the cracking procedure have been improved.
Enjoy it, and please give me your feedback

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2004-06-11

First alpha version released!

The first alpha version of weplab have just been released. I need your feedback to tune the cracking parameters. Tell me if it worked for you, and if not, send me your --debug 1 --debugkey output

Posted by Jose Ignacio Sanchez 2004-06-07

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