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WendzelNNTPd 2.0.8 released!

This new minor release is basically just an improvement for those who are new to WendzelNNTPd. The documentation was improved and the code now compiles a bit easier under FreeBSD. No bugs were discovered or fixed and an update from v.2.0.7 is not necessary. Cf. CHANGELOG file for details.

As usual: Enjoy the new release!

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2017-01-31

WendzelNNTPd 2.0.7 released!

This new release fixes a problem with the XHDR command that led to problems with some Usenet clients (e.g. claws-mail). Additional tiny improvements were made to improve the error reporting.

No security fixes were applied but it is recommended to upgrade from all v2.0.x releases to v2.0.7 in order to prevent NNTP protocol problems with clients using XHDR.

As usual: Enjoy the new release!

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2015-10-26 Labels: v2.0.7

Shifted Code Repository

Please note that the current source code of the server was shifted from SourceForge to GitHub (https://github.com/cdpxe/WendzelNNTPd). However, the project page at SourceForge will remain and all new releases will be immediately published on SourceForge as usual. In other words: I only changed the location where the code will be hosted.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2015-09-26

WendzelNNTPd 2.0.6 released!

This is the release of WendzelNNTPd-2.0.6. This release integrates a new feature to configure the max. allowed size of postings plus several tiny cleanups and improvements (especially in the documentation).

This release contains no security updates or bug fixes. If you run v2.0.5, no update will be required.

As usual: Have a lot of fun with this server!

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2015-09-26

WendzelNNTPd 2.0.5 released!

The new release contains several fixes and performs better with several NNTP clients which previously caused problems due to problematic NNTP implementations.

Upgrades from 2.0.x to 2.0.y are now easy to perform and the documentation was improved. Moreover, WendzelNNTPd can now be compiled without MySQL or without SQLite support if desired.

Additionally, a quick-and-dirty solution to upgrade from very old 1.4.x releases to 2.0.x was introduced in the documentation.... read more

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2015-03-28

WendzelNNTPd is not dead!

The latest version of WendzelNNTPd was released in August 2012. However, please note that I am keeping this software up-to-date regarding bugfixes, which you can submit using the "Bugs" tab. Also, the latest version of the software is always available via SVN, featuring tiny updates from today (March, 25 2015).

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2015-03-25

WendzelNNTPd-1.4.1 released!

WendzelNNTPd is now able to log the IPs of established and closed connections. There were many bugfixes in this new version including two crashdump fixes.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2009-02-08

WendzelNNTPd-1.3.0 released!

A new release is available.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2008-09-23

WendzelNNTPd-1.2.0-stable released!

This is -- of course -- the latest version of WendzelNNTPd I will release (excluding bugfix-releases). WendzelNNTPds database design is everything else but NNTP extension-ready what causes problems when using newer clients like pan. Because of the huge amount of work it would need to implement NNTP extensions in WendzelNNTPd and my missing inspiration, I will not add new features to the server from now on. But I will still provide any kind of bugfix for this new 1.2.0-stable version.... read more

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2008-04-21

WendzelNNTPd-1.1.0 released!

The WendzelNNTPd USENET server can now produce a short information about the 10 latest postings as RSS what makes it easy to integrate in website content. The documentation and the installation code was also improved.

Please report any kind of bugs/typos.

Steffen Wendzel

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-12-10

WendzelNNTPd-1.0.5-fixed released!

The Linux source code version of the 1.0.5 release included a bug within the installer (the path of the /etc directory didn't work if no configure argument was specified). This is now fixed in the "1.0.5-fixed" release.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-12-07

WendzelNNTPd-1.0.5 released!

This release primary includes an important bugfix for the windows version.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-12-05

WendzelNNTPd-1.0.4 released!

This release only includes a bugfix for the usage of libsqlite3: Systems like OpenBSD place this library in /usr/local what now works with WendzelNNTPd.

There is no windows version for this release available since there are no real changes on the windows version. Please download the 1.0.3 setup.exe instead.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-11-22

WendzelNNTPd-1.0.3 released

This release only contains two non-functional text-output fixes. Nobody needs to update but everybody should use this new version on a fresh installation.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-11-01

Version 1.0.1 "IKNZ still knows best!" released

An update only makes sense if you do a new install. Only an error prevention in the *nix installer was implemented.

I also changed the license to GPLv3.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-07-09

Softpedia 100% Free Award for WendzelNNTPd

Softpedia writes: >"WendzelINNTPd 1.0.0" has been tested by the Softpedia labs and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components.<

You can read the whole information here: http://www.softpedia.com/progClean/WendzelINNTPd-Clean-77707.html

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-07-04

1.0.0-stable &quot;IKNZ knows best&quot; release available!

Now the first stable release is available. It includes only small changes since the beta8 release and has the name "IKNZ knows best!".

Have phun with it!


Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-07-03

1.0.0-beta8 available!

This is as good as stable. No changes are planed to the stable release, only bugfixes are done from now on. Please report any kind of bugs!


Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-06-30

WendzelNNTPd-1.0.0-Beta7 available!

This should be the last beta. I released another beta because of the mass of big changes in the software.

This includes a new fully functional Qt based GUI one can use for any kind of WendzelNNTPd administration.

I also removed the trial version code. Only full open source code is provided from now on.

Other details were also improved.

Please report any kind of bugs since I want to release 1.0.0 stable soon.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-06-26

WendzelNNTPd-2007-A-Beta5 available

This new beta5 release includes an important Win32 bugfix. Posting should now be possible.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-06-12

Fixed Win32 Setup.exe

I just uploaded a new _FIXED_ Win32 setup.exe since the old one was broken (not the whole file was uploaded, only a part of it ..).

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-06-12

WendzelNNTPd 2007-A-Beta4 released

Today the 4th beta version was released. This should be the last beta version I will add before switching to 'stable'. It includes important changes you can see in the release notes and in the changelog file.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-06-11

WendzelNNTPd-1.0.0p0-Beta released!

The first beta version ever of the WendzelNNTPd is now available for download! Please report any kind of bugs. Feedback is welcome.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-06-08

About to release a first beta version!

The base system (server + console admin tool) of the WendzelNNTPd is now in the end its alpha-development phase. I'll release a first beta-version within the next time.

Posted by Steffen Wendzel 2007-06-03

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