Weka 3.4.14 (book) and 3.6.0 (stable)

New versions of Weka are available for download from the Weka homepage:

  • Weka 3.4.14 - the stable book version available as ZIP, Win32 installer, Win32 installer incl. JRE 1.4.2_13 and Mac OS X application.

  • Weka 3.6.0 - stable GUI version created from the head of the development version. The 3.6 code line will receive bug-fixes only from now on. It is available as ZIP, with Win32 installer, Win32 installer incl. JRE 1.5.0_16 and Mac OS X application.

Both versions contain a significant number of bugfixes, it is recommended to upgrade to the new

Weka homepage:

It might take a while before Sourceforge.net has propagated all the files to its mirrors.

What's new in 3.6.0?

Some highlights

  • PMML import
  • Rotation Forest classifier
  • LADTree classifier (multi-class alternating decision trees)
  • ScatterSearch (new search algorithm in the attribute selection package)
  • Wrapper classifier for the LibLINEAR library

  • K-Means now has an option to use the Manhattan distance function in combination with the component-wise median as the centroids.

  • The Explorer has some small usability enhancements.

  • KnowledgeFlow has major improvements to user-feedback in the form of a new status messaging area.
  • Classifier component in the KnowledgeFlow is now multi-threaded and can learn models on multiple cross-validation folds in parallel.
  • Improved help for classifiers and clusterers is now available from the command-line interface as well as the GUI's.
  • Averaged information retrieval statistics are now available in the GUI's as well as from the
    command line.
  • Weka now has a central logging facility used by all the major user interfaces.
  • A new monolithic user manual for Weka, incorporating all the existing individual tutorial pdfs plus info from the WekaDoc wiki.

As usual, for a complete list of changes refer to
the changelogs.

The Weka Team

Posted by Mark Hall 2008-12-19

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