Bug in 3.4.6 and 3.5.1

Unfortunately, a bug crept in regarding the Experimenter in combination with cross-validation. Instead of summing up the differents folds of a run, they're listed as separate "classifiers" (prefixed with a number).

There a two ways to fix this:

  1. Easy:
    Click on the select button for "Column" and select the three columns
    Scheme, Scheme_options and Scheme_version_ID
    (they're already selected, so just click on "Select").

Drawback: you have to do that whenever you select a new experiment.

  1. Advanced:
  2. Create a text file in your home directory with the following name (case-sensitive!):
  3. add the folloing two lines (no spaces before "Row" and "Column"):
  4. save the file

This fixes the wrong indices in the default Experimenter.props file in the weka.jar archive.

Sorry about that, new versions of Weka will be released in the near future!

Posted by Peter Reutemann 2005-10-03

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