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Wefts 0.99c released.

This is the last beta version before 1.0rc1. Things are getting nicely stable, and A couple of class fixes as well as the addition of OSCOFFEE subprocess abstraction required a significant addition in documentations; this is the main reason for this release just before 1.0rc1; with this, the API documentation found on the site will be updated and valid till release 1.0.

This version has seen a great documentation cleanup (still detalied instructions on how to use windows compilers is mising), mainly thanks to Markus Elfring. Sean Burke has fixed Solaris compatibilty. Alessandro Silvestrini tested extra compilation under MS-Windows.... read more

Posted by Giancarlo Niccolai 2004-04-10

Wefts project file for MSVC

With last commit, A wefts_static.dsp file has been added to wefts. This allows ppl using Visual C to contribute to the Wefts project. Next to come, a single monolithic test suite for which a dsp project will be added, so that MSVC multiproject workspaces can be used to manage the library, and then test and debug on the test suite.

This addition also allowed to debug and fix some problems that were left on the windows implementation, so now it should be really stable.... read more

Posted by Giancarlo Niccolai 2004-03-12

0.99b is out

A couple of bugs in COFFEE has been fixed; documentation has been improved and Semaphore class has been added.

Next, there's only monitor synchronization type to be achieved (safe function/method calls), and probably we can go for 1.0.

Posted by Giancarlo Niccolai 2004-03-09

Wefts for windows completed

With the addition of a so-called COFFEE layer (Cooperative File Functions Extended Environment), I am proud to announce that wefts 0.99a demonstrates isomorphic behavior in windows9x, windowsNT/XP and posix systems.

OS-COFFEE provides a set of file functions that can be used instead of os-dependant functions, or can be aliased as drop-in for read/write calls for existing code.

Anyhow, this OS independent C++ wrapped file functions are an interesting addition to Wefts even on its own.

Posted by Giancarlo Niccolai 2004-01-11

Wefts for windows

Windows threading OSTAIL module has been added to wefts on CVS. From preliminary tests, the new code seems promising; there is still some issues to handle in the thread joining process and in deferred cancelation, but it is probable that a new version of wefts buildable under windows will be soon ready.

Posted by Giancarlo Niccolai 2003-10-17

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