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Web Engine CMS / News: Recent posts

Web Engine (WeEn) CMS ver. 0.1.3 released

Added ability to sort elements in admin interface
Backup/Restore DB+data files implemented
Fixed errors

Posted by Vladimir Lukianov 2005-06-01

Web Engine (WeEn) CMS ver. 0.1.2 released

This is mainly bugfix release.
Added simplified admin interface mode for users from "Operators" group.
Improved installation process.

Posted by Vladimir Lukianov 2005-05-29

Web Engine (WeEn) CMS ver. 0.1.1 released

Web Engine (WeEn) - New age CMS with free design (XSLT) and ability to integrate almost any external scripts. One can store its data in DB/XML+DB/XML

Posted by Vladimir Lukianov 2005-02-22

WeEn - Web Engine CMS starts at sourceforge

After two month work WeEn Project can welcome
developers to try new CMS based on
object PHP,PEAR/XML Storage and free XSLT design.

Posted by Vladimir Lukianov 2005-02-05