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Version 0.9 released

Probably the best release so far. It fixes some GUI bugs concerning the start of video input and more importingly one that relates to the proper display of the selected regions and many more

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2007-10-13

Version 0.8.2 released

It is a long time since the last update. This release features some updates related to Debian Etch compatibility, some fixes and minor changes in the GUI and general code cleanup as always. Please test it and report your results.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2007-08-30

Version 0.8.1 released

The last release introduced some bugs. The Video4Linux input selection didn't work and the automatich rasterisation of the video input area was broken.

This is fixed now.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2006-02-13

Version 0.8 released

This release feature two main improvments. Firstly, the MIDI output is selectable now. Since now the Alsa MIDI client id was hardcoded, so MIDI did probably not work on machines which do not have a Soundblaster or similar card. Also it is possible now to choose teh device to you use, if your machine has more than one (e.g. a USB device).

Secondly, I reactivated the FireWire input code out of personal reasons. There seems to be a bug in the GStreamer library leading to a latency beween camera and captured image growing over time.... read more

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2006-01-31

Wechselspieler 0.7.2 is released

This new release fixes a single bug, which resulted in a program crash, when some dialogs were opened.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2005-12-16

Version 0.7.1 released

Version 0.7 contained an error, which prevented wechselspieler from starting properly.

- Path to Glade file was wrong.
- Updated installation instructions.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2005-09-29

Version 0.7 released

This new release is a major improvement in terms of usability. When selecting
a rectangular trigger region in the video image the rectangle is displayed now.
With this feature the editing of a trigger set is much easier now.

Besides that, OSC destinations saving works now and some UI inconsistencies
and normal bugs are fixed.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2005-09-16

Version 0.6 released

- New dialog for simple creation of a greater number of trigger regions
- Regions can stay "triggered" for a number of frames now (important for difference image binarisation)
- Easier installation

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2005-07-21

Version 0.5 released

- Support for the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol, which is used in SuperCollider, Puredata, Max/MSP and others.
- The GUI got some polish, although there are still many rough edges. So if you have trouble using wechselspieler, feel free to contact me.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2005-03-01

Version 0.4 released

Only two major changes in the release besides fixes:
1. Added support for Firewire/DV cameras
2. Created a Debian package

Please let me know, if you have problems building/installing the software.
For me it works, becaused the software is tailored for my hardware, but to improve quality I need feedback.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2004-10-21

Version 0.3 released

Besides internal changes, like transition to libglademm, cleanup etc. it features various bug fixes.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2004-10-06

Release 0.2 is out

The tar.gz for the 0.2 release can be downloaded now. The major difference to the 0.1 release is, that the user interface is, besides German, localised to English now.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2004-08-28

Project homepage online

A first rudimentary version of a project homepage is online. So far not very informative. Hopefully this will change in near future. You can find it under http://wechselspieler.sourceforge.net/

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2004-08-22

Release 0.1 as tarball is available now!

The first source release of wechselspieler is available. Please tell the maintainer, if you have any problems to build it.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2004-08-17

Sourecode added to CVS

The program source can be downloaded from the CVS now.

Posted by Thomas Kuleßa 2004-08-17