#47 Fix ExtraPathInfo and delegation issues.

WebKit (45)

When ExtraPathInfo is set, the test cases fail to work
correctly delegating to the default context top level URL.

In fact, prior to this, if ExtraPathInfo=1, the url
/WK/BadURL/MoreBad would result in an infinite recurion.

This patch is compatible with the includeURL patches
posted earlier.

I am posting these as patches to hopefully get some
review prior to including them on the trunk.

This also includes some updated test cases that failed
before it was applied, as well as a shot at
Testing/Servlet.py which was listed in the TestCases as
not implemented yet.

Note that when ExtraPathInfo is set, you generally
won't get a 404 error because everything delegates back
up to the default context index.py.

Is this the correct interpretation here?


  • Stuart Donaldson

    Fix support of ExtraPathInfo and delegated servlets.

  • Stuart Donaldson

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    Ok, I know I had the check-box to upload the patch set.

  • Stuart Donaldson

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Stuart Donaldson

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    Fix included in CVS.


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