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Thanks for your prompt response.
I want to get the value form user input/selected option
<select name='query' id='query'>
  <option value='a'>a</option>
  <option value='b'>b</option>
  # How to get user selected option?
  # what I want to do ....
  # if option == a,  get data from a xml file... where the childNode is "a"
  # i.e. select different option will get different data from a xml file
  # no form is called
 <input type="hidden" id="selected" name="selected" value="<%= #data from xml %>">

Thanks for your help and advise.

Take a look at WebKit/Examples/ListBox.py for how to handle the client's post (action) and get at the values in the form. You'll basically look  at self.request().field('yourfieldnamehere') to get the submitted value.
There are a number of useful examples in that directory that should help you.

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