I have some tasks scheduled every 30m and 24h. 
I did nothing special about the session sweeper. Are they related to taskKit?

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 6:28 PM, Christoph Zwerschke <cito@online.de> wrote:
Am 30.11.2012 18:01, schrieb Sophana K:
> Isn't it strange nobody had this problem before? Seems that there
> isn't a lot of webware 1.1 applications in production. Don't you
> think?

That problem should not appear in practice unless you have somehow two
session sweeper tasks running at the same time. Are you doing anything
special in this regard? I'm running Webware 1.1 apps with many users
which use sessions heavily, and I've never seen this issue.

-- Christoph

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