Hello, I’m developing a web site using python 2.4.3 and Webware 0.9.1.


I have a problem to know when a session is actually expired and is not a brand new session because the user just entered to the site.


In previous versions of webware (0.8.1), when a session expires the method Application.handleInvalidSession() was called, which basically removes the _SID_ reference so the browser will stop requesting an invalid session, and marks request._sessionExpired. So, I could ask for the variable request._sessionExpired to realize whether or not this request originally contained an expired session.


Now, in webware 0.9.1, the method Application.handleInvalidSession() has disappear and no one updates the _sessionExpired attribute of the request. So, I haven’t found any way to know when the session has expired so I can redirect the user to a safe page which doesn’t depend on the data I’ve been saving in the session.


Is there a new way to do this in Webware0.9.1?  


Thanks in advance,


Niurka Perez