On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 2:35 PM, Christoph Zwerschke <cito@online.de> wrote:
Am 08.06.2010 21:27 schrieb Steve Schwarz:
> We'd like to simplify our deployment. Now our admins have to install
> Webware multiple times for each appserver instance on multiple servers.
> It would be easier to just deploy once and have all instance refer to
> that one check out.

Ok, as I understand, your working dir is on a shared directory?
In the process pool install each server would have one checkout shared by 10-20 SingleThreadedAppServer Webware instances.

> We also see better performance running with a pool of single threaded
> appservers instead of using the ThreadedAppServer.

Are you using multi-core/multi-processing machines?
Yep. Looks like we are experiencing GIL contention on our compute heavy pages. Refactoring is also going on in the application to solve that problem.