Hmm. I sent this yesterday and received it yesterday, but got it again this morning. Thank you, SourceForge.  I'm still interested in hearing of people's experiences with WebKit + TAL, but I won't annoy the list with this question again.  Thanks.
We have been using WebKit + Cheetah for some pages, and WebKit + FunFormKit for some other pages, and we're now looking for something a little more JSP-like, where we can encapsulate logic in a few custom tags and make the page templates HTML.  PSP (as implemented in Webware) seems close, but doesn't (so far as I can tell) have the notion of a custom tag or an attribute for a regular tag that can "hide" the logic behind it.

At the same time, we've been using Roundup for issue tracking, and are getting somewhat comfortable with its TAL syntax.

Has anyone successfully used TAL in WebKit servlets?  If so, feel like sharing a "recipe" for it?

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