Is Webware listening on or localhost?  I think there can be a TCP IP v4/v6 problem.

On 06/12/2009, at 1:57 PM, Peter Lyons wrote:


   I have been running webware on an ubuntu/apache/mod_webkit stack for several years now with no problems.  I upgraded to ubuntu 9.10 and now apache cannot connect to the webkit app server.  I've done a good deal of troubleshooting, but I'm stuck.  Here's what happens in my apache error log when I browse to any URL handled by webkit:

[Sat Dec 05 19:14:16 2009] [error] Can not open socket connection to WebKit AppServer
[Sat Dec 05 19:14:16 2009] [error] Couldn't connect to AppServer, attempt 10 of 10, sleeping 1 second(s)
[Sat Dec 05 19:14:17 2009] [error] timed out trying to connect to appserver -- giving up.