On Jan 4, 2008 6:55 PM, Mark Phillips <mark.phillips@mophilly.com> wrote:

> FormKit is not really actively maintained either.

Is this sort of thing passe at this point? What approach is up to date?

As one of the two authors of FK, I can confirm this.

I don't know that it's passe, we are still using it extensively on past (running) projects. In the present and the future, I have invested time using ToscaWidgets with FormEncode in Pylons.

I had integrated FK into Pylons, and it worked fine; I was hoping that TW would bring lots of great widgets from a larger widget library, including client-side framework integration and stuff like that.

At this point, I'd say that it was a poor investment to learn over just making more FK stuff for Pylons... I'd say that TW is a big nasty mess; the hardest library to understand that I've ever seen, and I'm pretty familiar with Twisted! It works mostly, but when something doesn't work, good luck finding out where or why. I'm not sure how form processing could have gotten that complicated... it's pretty much strings in and strings out.

If anyone wants to take FormKit and integrate it, fix it, overhaul it, by all means, it's there for the taking.

-- Matt