On 10/26/07, Christoph Zwerschke <cito@online.de> wrote:
One thing you should do is create a new working directory with
makeAppWorDir. If you start an empty working directory, you should get
the Example and Test contexts. Does this work? Then copy your servlets
to that new working directory and change the config appropriately.

Thanks, Christoph.

This does indeed work.

So there must be some other corruption of the config files. And sure enough I found the offensive bit. In my contexts area in Application.config , I had something like this:

Contexts = {}
approot = '/data/apps'
Contexts['pp'] = approot + 'pp/us/servlets'
Contexts['sp'] = approot + 'sp/servlets'
Contexts['default'] = Contexts['sp']

Assuming that Contexts was a dictionary, I assigned the value of 'default' to the value of 'sp'. In the example config from a clean workdir, it looks more like this:

Contexts['default'] = 'sp'

SO, I guess that 'default' has some special logic behind it to look up another key. That's a new one for me.

Thanks for your troubleshooting help!