On 10/26/07, Matt Feifarek <matt.feifarek@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm finding some weird url-mapping errors... but I'm trying to use an old version of Webware with the newer version of mod_webkit... I'm using v 0.9.0. I'm reluctant to try and upgrade Webware, as my apps are pretty old and may break.

I ended up upgrading to the current version 0.9.4 and I still can't seem to hit any servlets via Apache. I've been using Webkit for years, and this one has me stumped.

I've got mod_rewrite turned off, and here's my declaration in apache:

        <Location /wk>
                WKServer localhost 8086
                SetHandler webkit-handler

Sure enough, http://localhost gives me standard apache hits and /wk gives me webkit 404 page (so I am getting to webkit) but I can't hit ANY of my contexts or the servlets within them.

I see that the __init__.py is compiles when the appserver starts (so the directories declared in my Application.config are valid) but I can't see main.py or any other servlets in the same directory as the __init__.py. Note also that I CAN see the contexts and servlets when using the built-in httpd.

I have a just-built set of AppServer.config and Application.config with only the contexts changed, so there's no old Webware version cruft that could be causing this.

I see this in the 0.9.4 release notes:
"Assume root path as the servlet path if the URL has been completely rewritten by the web server"

That looks possibly related to me, and though I'm not using mod_rewrite at all, might that be implicated somehow?