FormKit isn't made by the same group of people as who make WebKit, for starters.

I suppose that most people want to keep WebKit lean and mean; maybe FormKit is not necessary for most people.

In general, in my opinion, Webkit is a pretty advanced piece of software; as in it's for advanced people. It's much harder to go from scratch to application than some of the other newer stacks out there, partly because people have to find their own database hook-ups, their own form library, their own templating, etc.

On the other hand, for people who know what they want, that's probably a feature more than a bug.

We did design FK for use with WK, but it can also work quite well stand-alone. Webware doesn't really offer another canned solution, no.

On 4/3/06, sophana <> wrote:
just another question, why isn't formkit shipped with webware?
Isn't it quite desgned for webware?
I don't think that webware proposes another form solution?